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The End of School... (June 12, 2019 10:26 am)

My last day of school was on Monday. I went in at 11:15-11:20-ish and took the Latin II final exam. I didn't have an exam for third period, so three down... none to go!

Crazy day done

Today was a Crazy Day because first and second period were longer, lunch was at the end of the day, and fourth period was cancelled. Also, I asked a girl out yesterday and she said no.

Blake Goes to Church

I went to church today. We sang some Christmas songs and others, and we learned about Noah's Ark and how Noah relates to Christmas: the Bible apparently says Jesus is son of Noah in his genealogy.

L̶͓̤̙̫͔̣͚̺͞unch table altar

So yeah, I think my lunch table tried to summon Satan or something. I need to reconsider my life choices.

3 Hour Delay today

Our schools opened three hours later, cancelling morning activities. School has just started and my phone is going into my backpack.


It's life changing, I think. 12/5/18 for the record books!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Make sure you have lots of turkey! Be sure to tell everyone what you're thankful for! I'm thankful for: Yeah, those are some of the generic ones. But give me a break, you get a specific one!


This is my new radio "callsign", it means "North America Blake Network". The X is for miscellaneous, as opposed to W or K. You may also spot me using USXBN or prepending either with NAB (Not Authorized Broadcast, because I don't have a license.)


I now have four certifications: MS Word and PowerPoint 2016 and Adobe Certified Associate in Illustrator and Premiere Pro.

Freshman no longer!

My freshman year has come to a close. I just finished my exams and an now 99% ready for summer! Now, where is that mosquito repellent?

Testing update!

All of my unit tests are finished. I'll spend 4th period lurking on the Internet, and tomorrow studying. Also, I've finished a mechanic allowing me to edit existing boxes and notifications from the Blog!

Journal entry

so i want to make a game,
probably open source,
that combines minecraft, terraria,
...and a few other games, probably.
yeah, and maybe i'll uh
invite everyone to pr things to the github
and contribute to the game.
but the problem i'm currently having is
what engine should i start building the game on
to make it available on all platforms
for everyone?
and maybe not super heavy
and definitely not command line
it's got to have uh
3d graphics support
...and uh, yeah, that's it