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Blake Site Design Introduction

Welcome to Blake Site Design! Blake Site Design is a new design format that centers around color and boxes. You will not find any white space on the Blake Site or any other site that uses Blake Site Design.

Blake Site Design is used across the Blake Site and other affiliated sites (mostly those with the Verification Ribbon in the top-left corner). Here's a brief overview of the design standards.

Why the Boxes?

Boxes in assorted colors make it easy to distinguish sections of content from each other. Thus, you can have more content, and not have to worry about content organization.

About the Drawout

The Drawout box should be located in the bottom-right corner of the page or viewport. This allows for quick accessibility on mobile devices.

About the Cornerpop

The Cornerpop should have 8px padding from the bottom-left corner of the page. It should always be underneath the Drawout box.

About double-panel pages

Two-pane pages with navigation, such as this, should provide navigation at the top on mobile and on the right on desktop. If you would like to implement a two-panel content page, provide the most important content at the top on mobile, and add miscellaneous content between the major content and footer. Also, provide a shortcut to reach the other section.

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