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What new things are coming this update?
An update feed would be nice, right? And a party update page too?
This page is an OK update feed, and going to parties will be easier too.

Coming Soon: BS Music

Blake Site Music (BS Music for short) is an upcoming music hosting/sharing Blake Site subsite. When (and if) it launches, you can listen to music I've hosted as you browse the Blake Site. If I can build a hosting mechanic, you will be able to host your own music.
If you are interested in further updates, you can get it: 1. by signing up for Blake's Updates (this will give you the launch and other major updates); 2. through the button.


Push Notifications

Accept notifications to get notified when new features go live on the Blake Site. Below, you can opt in or out of Blake's Updates and Party Updates (sponsored by /bp/). Click or tap on a notification toggle title to see what you're subscribed to.
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Minigames, Minecraft resources (This will be going away soon in favor of the drawout.)